The divorcing process isn't easy. It has numerous contentious issues that may evoke emotions and cause you to fall into serious pitfalls. If you have to deal with the division of property, child guardianship matters, and other sensitive issues that come with the separation, making blunders can be easy. Fortunately, you can avoid these errors if you have a divorce lawyer by your side. This article discusses three mistakes these attorneys will help you to avoid. 

Talking Badly About Your Spouse to Your Kids

The frustration of separating from your partner may lead you to say bad things about your partner to your kids. While it's advisable to vent your feelings to feel better, bad-mouthing your spouse may only make things difficult for you. 

A lawyer can advise you on what to discuss with your children concerning your partner. They know that whatever you say may affect your custody case and make the court award your spouse full guardianship. So, they'll guide you into uttering words that foster a healthy relationship between the children and their other parent. They may also help you get a therapist to help you overcome your feelings and be more objective. 

Hiding Marital Property

Lying about your marital property, even if your partner has abused you, is a great error that you should avoid. Being dishonest in court and failing to disclose vital information about your separation in affidavits and other documents could result in you losing ground in your case. It may also nullify any contracts you've made with your partner. 

An attorney can protect you from hiding any information from the court system. They'll take an inventory of all your assets and present them before the court. They'll also represent your best interests to make sure you get a fair share of the property, especially if you're involved in a contested divorce. 

Failing to Follow Court Orders

After filing for separation, the court may issue various orders regarding custody, alimony, and other issues that you're expected to follow. Even if they're against your interests, failing to comply with these directives may get you a contempt of court charge and make things worse. A lawyer can make complying with orders easier. They'll ensure you understand their terms and the advantages of following them. If they go against your rights, they'll ask the judge to modify them so they serve your interests.

If you decide to separate from your spouse, it's vital to avoid any mistakes that may affect this process. Having a divorce lawyer in your corner will help you understand your responsibilities and rights and make it easy to steer clear of these errors.