An unexpected pregnancy after a divorce, breakup, or separation often comes as a shock. It may be the last thing you expected or wanted since the relationship is over. If you currently have an existing child support order, you may be wondering how having another baby will affect the current order. Take a look at what you need to know about modifying your existing child support for an unplanned pregnancy after a breakup.

Modifying a Child Support Order

Having a new baby on the way means you have a legal right to have your child support order modified.  A new baby will bring new expenses. The court does not look at how the baby was conceived or whether or not the relationship is still intact. The court will focus on making sure that the child gets the best possible care. Once the paternity of the child is established, you have grounds to get a modification of your current child support.

Getting Your Child Support Order Modified

A child support order can be modified by having your child support lawyer file a motion or a stipulation at the court that granted the existing child support order. You and your former partner need to provide evidence of your current financial situation. It is best to provide as much evidence as possible to show that you need additional financial support. This is done so that the court can modify the child support in a way that is manageable for both parents. Financial statements must be submitted on time. If they are not, then your child support modification may be denied.

Going to Court

Your child support attorney will present your case in court if necessary. However, there are times when it is not necessary to go to court. This is especially true if the judge in the case is satisfied with the evidence that has been presented on paper. This is why it is so important to get an attorney to file your paperwork and financial statements correctly. While some judges prefer to see both parties in court, some will simply decide the case based on the evidence that has been presented to them. 

An unexpected pregnancy after a break-up can bring a lot of fear and confusion. However, getting financial support is not impossible. Once you get the right legal help, you can modify an existing child support order so that your new baby can be properly taken care of.