If you have been struggling with child custody mediation, you are not alone. Many people struggle with the idea of figuring out child custody in the middle of a divorce. Things can get contentious if you are not careful. Are you ready to pursue mediation? Do you want to have productive discussions about child custody when you meet with your attorneys? These are some of the things you need to know.

Focus on the Needs of Your Child

Your child is going through a lot in the middle of the divorce, and it is important that you keep their needs in mind as you discuss your divorce and plans for custody. The best interests of the child should come first.

Parenting Plans Should Be Their Own Discussion

One thing to keep in mind is that custody is different from parenting in many respects. If you want to discuss your goals for parenting, consider this separately from discussions of custody.

Every Case Is Unique

Simply because one custody case looked a specific way does not mean they all do. It is important you discuss your case only with your attorney and avoid comparing it to others.

Avoid Speaking Poorly About Your Ex

You can also avoid contention by keeping your negative comments to yourself. Do not speak poorly to family members, the courts, or to your child. This could impact your case.

Don't Use Your Child as Punishment

It is also detrimental to your case to use your child as punishment during the divorce and custody proceedings. This could be seen as punishment for the child as well.

Be Prepared for Mediation or Court

It is important to ensure you are prepared for the proceedings ahead. This involves getting your finances in order, keeping your home child-friendly, and hiring a divorce attorney. All of these steps prepare you for either mediation or court.

Take Care of Yourself

You should also take some downtime to de-stress. This can be a stressful time, and high levels of fear and anxiety can lead to a contentious approach to serious matters. Get some rest and take a break from focusing on the case by putting it in the hands of your divorce attorney. 

Consult With Your Family Lawyer

Finally, do not be afraid to bring your questions and concerns to your divorce attorney. Your attorney will be able to help you through the process in a professional manner, such as not focusing on building a negative relationship with your ex-spouse. Contact a divorce attorney for more information.