When you are in the process of getting a divorce, your whole world can feel upside down. It can be difficult to think straight and to gain your bearings. This makes it difficult to know what you should and should not be telling your divorce attorney about your situation. However, there are some important facts and issues to disclose to your attorney before you go to negotiations or court for your divorce. Get to know some of the things you should tell them so you can be ready to talk to your divorce attorney at your next meeting. 

Give a History of Your Marriage

One of the most important things you can do for your attorney is to give a history of your marriage. This does not mean a full-blown story of your romance, but more of a timeline of important events, changes in the marriage, and the like. 

For example, you will want to give a history of when you started dating, when you got engaged and married, and when your children were born. If your spouse (or you) had an affair at any point or there were other shifts in your marriage such as growing distance or a job loss that caused strain, you will want to note those as well. 

This can be a lot to tell your divorce attorney out loud in a meeting and a lot to remember all at once. You may want to write this history down and give your lawyer a written copy to help them better understand your situation. 

Disclose the Negative Details

You may not want to speak badly of yourself or your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but you will need to disclose the negative details of your marriage in order for your divorce attorney to be able to best represent you. If you had an affair, even a brief one that you think your spouse doesn't know about, your attorney needs to know. 

If your spouse was emotionally or physically abusive at any point, your attorney needs to know that too. If your spouse is emotionally distant from your children, that fact is important too. The negative details can be difficult to share and disclose, but the more your divorce attorney knows, the stronger their representation of you will be, and the better the outcome in your divorce proceedings. 

Knowing the things you should tell your divorce attorney, you can be sure you are giving your attorney all the information they need to build a case for you and get you the best results possible from your divorce.