Going through a child custody battle is one of the worst types of legal battles because of the emotional toll it takes on not only you, but also your family, and your own children. To ensure that the process goes smoothly and you avoid too much emotional turmoil, it's important to avoid making these four all too common mistakes:

  1. Getting Into Legal Trouble: It's not going to reflect too well with the judge determining the child custody terms if you are arrested or involved in any other legal trouble, such as getting your license revoked because of a DUI. Any kind of serious legal trouble is going to put more emotional stress and definitely not lead to the child custody arrangement you have been hoping for. 
  2. Ignoring Temporary Court Orders: Often times in child custody battles, the judge will give a temporary court order involving child custody until a permanent arrangement can be determined. It's important to adhere to the temporary rules even if you don't like them. Otherwise, the judge will not be able to ensure that you are going to follow the permanent child custody outline once it is put in place, therefore damaging the chances of child custody working out more in your favor. 
  3. Posting About the Case on Social Media: Your social media accounts need to be clean. If you are posting about the other parent in a negative way, it can be harmful. You also should not be posting anything that could make the judge wary of your ability to provide a stable environment for the children. For example, if you are posting pictures of you smoking, drinking, or participating in any other reckless activities, it can seriously damage your side of the case. 
  4. Being Disrespectful of the Other Parent: Finally, you should not be showing any signs of aggression or disrespect to the other parent. The judge wants to award custody to those who are going to be respectful of the children's other parent. Otherwise, it can be damaging to your children's upbringing if there is too much hostility. You should be working to communicate in a healthy manner and never attacking or ignoring the other parent's efforts in trying to communicate with you. 

When you avoid these four mistakes, you can be sure that you are much more likely to have a child custody arrangement that you are happy with because you will be provided more time. Share