Although domestic violence is an obvious problem in the United States and throughout the world, it's important to note that recent estimates are that about 700,000 people are arrested due to false allegations of domestic violence every year. If you are one of those wrongfully accused persons, it's essential for you to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to clear your name and maintain your current quality of life. If you have been accused of domestic violence or if you have reason to believe that you will be soon, it's a good idea to be aware of the following information about how an experienced attorney can protect your interests when there is fear of an impending restraining order against you.  

You Need To Understand The Provisions And Seriousness Of A Restraining Order

It can be surprising to discover how easy it can be for someone to obtain a restraining order, especially if he or she bruises easily or has injuries that could be attributed to being abused, even if there was no domestic violence. A restraining order, which is also known as a protective order, is a court order informing an alleged abuser of where he and she can or cannot go and determines an area around the accuser, the children and even the home where you can no longer go. Violating any of the provisions of the order is a criminal matter, as described below. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Can Argue Against A Protective Order Or Minimize Its Restrictions

Violating that restraining order, even at the accuser's request, can result in arrest, jail time, and extra court fees or fines. In some instances, you could be arrested for violating the order if you happen to be shopping at the same grocery story as the accuser, even if that has been your store of choice for years. As a result, it's easy to see why you need an attorney to argue against the protective order. Your lawyer can provide evidence to the court of your innocence and establish other causes for any injuries the accuser claims to have.

Even if a restraining order is put into place, the criminal defense attorney that you hire might be able to soften its terms. For instance, it may be possible for your attorney to negotiate for supervised visitation with your kids, in lieu of no visitation or to arrange for a specific date and time that you can return to the home to collect your belongings without the fear of arrest.         

In conclusion, a criminal defense attorney plays a vital role in proving your innocence when you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence. Therefore, it's crucial to choose an experienced lawyer to help you defend yourself against false charges that could further complicate your life with the use of an unnecessary protective order.

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